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Call for papers: "ESJ" December 2013 edition vol.9, No.34, 35, 36 and "ESJ" January 2014 edition vol.10 No.1, 2 and 3

Distinguished Colleagues,     The "European Scientific Journal" (ESJ) is a double-blind peer reviewed   journal which accepts high quality research articles. The journal is issued
monthly and is available to all researchers who are interested in publishing
their scientific achievements. 
Supporting the concept of interdisciplinarity we welcome submissions in different academic areas. 
All articles must be in English, French or Spanish and have an English abstract.
The excellent team, composed of eminent researchers from over 120 universities worldwide,
is crucial to the prestigious status that the ESJ enjoys.
Regular monthly publications of the ESJ are uploaded on our website at  the end of each month. Moreover, the European Scientific Institute, ESI the  publisher of the ESJ, mails printed copies of the journal to the authors of the papers.     The European Scientific Institute, ESI received an ISBN number registered in the 
international ISBN data-base in London.
This enables the European Scientific Institute to publish books. In these  terms, having in mind the ESI policy concerning young researchers and  scientists,we are especially inviting the young researchers all over the  world to publish their Master or PhD thesis using our services.    "ESJ" October edition vol.9, No.28, 29 and 30      Sincerely,
__________________________________________________  EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE    For any other information please send us e-mail on:
French version:  Spanish version:

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